How People with Disabilities Access the Web

MSTE Friday Lunches are paused indefinitely, but you can still find historical archives, including videos, on this site.


February 7, 2014 - 12:00pm


Talk Description: 

In the past decade, the classroom has moved rapidly from the traditional pen, paper, and chalkboard classroom towards the digital classroom. Communicating, collaborating and sharing knowledge between students and their teachers via email, forums, chat, blogs, and even text messaging is commonplace now. But how much of these technology are accessible to users with disabilities? Can they access the Internet and electronic information? Can they participate effectively in an online chat and or discussion? In this casual and friendly get-together we will be discussing the different types of disabilities, how people with various disabilities access the Internet and electronic information, common barriers and potential solutions, and finally a live demo of how blind people access the Web.

Classroom 201
505 East Green St.
61820 Champaign , IL

MSTE Friday Lunch 2014 - How People with Disabilities Access the Web