MSTE Friday Lunches are paused indefinitely, but you can still find historical archives, including videos, on this site.

Dr. Wolske will discuss his work with local schools and libraries. In particular, the De-Mystifying Technology project at Kenwood Elementary School has led parents and students in building their own computers. Wolske will also talk about other GSLIS and CDI initiatives.

Robb Lindgren and Emma Mercier give an overview of the Digital Environments for Learning, Teaching, & Agency (DELTA) program in the College of Education and discuss related faculty projects.

Marc Snir will talk about what supercomputers are used for, how they have evolved over time, how a modern supercomputer looks like, and what are key research problems in the design of future supercomputers. 

Teaching students about the nature of science is a goal set out by the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), but this goal can be a challenge to meet in the classroom. Project NEURON developed a curriculum unit on microbial ecology which opens with a lesson to help address this challenge. In the lesson, students work in groups to examine how models of the tree of life have changed throughout history. The activity supports exploration of concepts such as: new technologies advance science, science is subject to change based on new evidence, and science is a result of human endeavors.

Join us for our MSTE Friday Lunch field trip to the Champaign - Urbana Community Fab Lab. The Fab Lab is a small-scale workshop for computer-based innovation, design and fabrication. The tour allows you to dream up, design and make almost anything you can imagine using open source software and DIY equipment. 

Rides are available! We are planning to carpool to the Fab Lab at 11:30, hoping to get there at or a little before noon.

Maya Israel (Special Education, College of Education, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) gives a MSTE Friday Lunch talk titled "Engaging struggling learners and students with disabilities in STEM learning".

The advent of ubiquitous quality mobile computing tablets gives hope for a real transformative role using technology in education reform. A vision for a re-imagined curriculum, with mobile tablets playing an integral role, will be presented and discussed. With this motivation, a short demonstration of iPad programming will be presented intended to inspire a community of developers to implement meaningful reform using these recently deployed technologies.

Discussion of how teachers are using and how they could use multimedia tools and technology in schools.

Our presenters this week will describe the Merit Programs for Emerging Scholars at the University of Illinois and MIST (Merit Immersion for Students and Teachers) Project as well as share some early results of the impact of the MIST Project.

Pam Riss will talk about her experiences using TI-Robots in her classroom.


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