Spring 2016

MSTE Friday Lunches are paused indefinitely, but you can still find historical archives, including videos, on this site.

There will be no MSTE Friday Lunch on April 29th, 2016. Enjoy your week!

Champaign-Urbana Cradle 2 Career is a growing community-wide volunteer initiative dedicated to the success of the children of Champaign-Urbana.  We use data and processes to determine shortfalls and successes, align resources to maximize the impact on student success (educational institutions, non-profits, business, faith based organizations, government), and work to get all groups talking to identify shortfalls and successes and to work towards the same goals from cradle to career in a child’s life.

In a glass case in the hallway of Altgeld Hall on the University of Illinois campus lies an all-but-forgotten machine -- a Harmonic Analyzer designed by Albert Michelson to perform Fourier Analysis. This presentation will describe the year long effort to memorialize this machine via the creation of a series of videos and production of posters and a coffee table book. No specialized knowledge will be necessary to appreciate this wondrous machine.

There will be no MSTE Friday Lunch on Friday, April 15, 2016.

This one-hour presentation discusses solar market trends, describes the basic components of a solar photovoltaic (PV) system, outlines the process for installing solar PV, introduces incentive options and economic benefits, and outlines next steps for participating in the Solar Urbana-Champaign group buy.

The 4th annual Community & Campus Day of Service (CCDOS) will kick off National Volunteer Week once again on April 9, 2016. Over 1,000 volunteers participate in this community-wide event each year, logging thousands of hours of volunteering time on this day alone.

Sahid Rosado Lausell will give an overview of the different engineering outreach activities and events done by the College of Engineering at Illinois. She will also discuss the college’s future plans for outreach and how these may impact the future student body in the College of Engineering.

On January 30th, the third EdCampCU took place at the College of Education. Attended by participants from around the Champaign Urbana area (and as far as Arthur!), we brought together in-service teachers, pre-service teachers, administration, school board members, parents, community members, Fab Lab educators, and others.

MinecraftEdu is a special version of Minecraft designed for classroom use. Learn how to install MinecraftEdu server software and use downloadable lesson resources. No Minecraft experience necessary!

There will be no MSTE Friday Lunch on Friday, March 25, 2016.



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